Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

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Why you should be spending your summer with Four Seasons

Summer is wasted on those who stay indoors. So don’t be one of them.   Over the coming months, the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, the Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane and the Four Seasons Hotel Milano, will be opening their terraces and bars so that you can soak in some in the sunshine […]

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Our 5 favorite Spa retreats in the UK

Out with the old and in with the new! Spring is here ladies and gentleman, and in the spirit of optimism that it brings, it’s easy to make promises to yourself that you may -or may not- fail to keep. To give yourself the best chances to keep your promises, what better way than to […]

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The Concierge

The Rugby World Cup in London

It’s world cup fever!… and you couldn’t care less. Scrums, conversion kicks and the ruck… where’s the rosetta stone you say? and god forbid it’s in a pub before the game. Rugby just isn’t in your DNA. Yet somehow, you find yourself in a London hotel unpacking your partner’s favorite team shirt from your suitcase, […]

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