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Hotel Showcase

8 of the most beautiful hotel rooms in our collections

  In need of some travel inspiration? Or a reason to splurge on some of the best hotels in the world? Then this selection of the most beautiful rooms in our collections is just what you need. Ritz Paris – Windsor Suite It’s impossible not to include a room from the recently renovated Ritz Paris […]

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The Concierge

You’ll never believe these unique hotel experiences.

When was the last time you lived a unique hotel experience? The tag is thrown around easily, so it’s hard to know when you’re getting “one of a kind” or “run of the mill. To chase away the mundane and for some nice travel tips, we’ve concocted this list of unique experiences that are sure […]

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Lifestyle, The Wondering Traveller

Why you should give slow travel a try

“Life is short”, yes you’ve heard it before, but the motto takes a special significance when you’re travelling.   You say it with excitement at the start of your trip, with sadness at the end, and all along as you rush from landmark to landmark desperate to squeeze everything in before you return home. 400 […]

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