The Wondering Traveller

7 Books about travel that’ll get you off your couch and into the world.

  The need to travel can be an obsession. Once you’ve tasted it, it’s hard to snuff out the adventurous spark inside you, and sometimes, all that’s needed to turn that spark into a raging fire; is a good book about travel.  If you’re feeling the need to escape but have 10,000 reasons to keep […]

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Hotel Showcase

Look Who’s Back! Hottest hotel reopenings this Spring.

  Spring makes the world a beautiful place. The flowers come out to play, the sun stays out longer and you can finally drop those heavy winter clothes… plenty to get excited about, none more so, than the reopening of some of our favorite luxury hotels. If you’re planning a holiday to start the year off […]

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The Concierge, The Wondering Traveller

Visiting Florence: UNESCO heritage site.

In the 14th century, Florence was a bubbling cauldron of culture filled to the brim with a potent mix of philosophy, art and faith. A mix which eventually overflowed and trickled throughout Italy and Europe leaving the world completely changed. In its wake, the Renaissance movement was born. Leonardo Da Vinci, Boticelli, Gallileo, Machiavelli… all […]

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